Anemia – Diagnosis and treatment

Anemia is a disease characterized by a reduction in the number of red blood cells and the transport protein of the blood, which, in turn, causes oxygen starvation. In another way, anemia is called anemia.

The causes of anemia lie in bleeding, in iron deficiency in blood serum, in infectious blood disorders.

Anemia is expressed in the decline of strength, dizziness and headaches, rapid heartbeat, blanching of the skin. With a severe degree of anemia, cheek swelling is observed, the facial features are sharply tapering, the hands and feet become cold, increased sweating develops, the pulse is felt weakly, and nausea often occurs.

Anemia – Diagnosis and treatment

Finely grate fresh beets, carrots and radishes. Squeeze the juice, mix in equal parts in a glass dark bottle. The neck is tightly closed so that the juice does not evaporate. Put the bottle in the oven, a little bit of it. Eat a tablespoon in the morning, lunch and evening before eating. Take 90 days.

With insuperable weakness, the infusion of garlic juice on honey is beneficial to the body. Take before eating food on a tablespoon.

A glass of freshly squeezed aloe vera juice dilute cups of liquid honey and a glass of fortified dessert wine. Take a tablespoon before eating.

Half a kilogram of garlic lobules without a husk is placed in a glass bottle, add medical alcohol, let it brew for a month. Drink 25 drops of infusion, adding it to a glass of warm milk.

A glass of chopped oats pour a liter of boiled water, cook until the oats become liquid and thick. Strain the remnants, then add the same amount of boiled milk to the squeezed broth, again allow to boil. In the mixture, pour a few teaspoons of honey, boil again. Drink to drink warm or cold throughout the day.

Two teaspoons of dried wild rose berries pour a glass of steep boiling water. Drink this berry vitaminized tea during the day after eating.

15 grams of fresh juice of medicinal chicory add to a glass of warm milk. Drink in several receptions, stretched for a day. Very good folk treatment of anemia with severe weakness. Blood test

A teaspoon of dried dandelion field pour a glass of boiled water, boil for ten minutes, let it brew for half an hour. Use on a dessert spoon during the day before eating.

Ripe berries of red mountain ash, berries of wild rose take in equal parts. Make them a decoction and take one glass a day as a supportive, rich in vitamins.

People’s treatment of anemia is not only certain recipes, but also a special diet. In food, you need to consume enough calories, eat meat products, liver, vegetable oil, dairy and sour-milk products. And milk should be consumed in small sips, as otherwise it has a serious effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Very favorable for anemia, porridge, in particular with the addition of pulp, boiled corn. On an empty stomach in the morning, there is a fresh grated grated carrot, seasoned with olive oil or sour cream.

The daily diet of a person suffering from anemia must consist of fresh fruits and vegetables that help to normalize the hemopoiesis, and this is pumpkin and potatoes, leaf lettuce and garlic, buckwheat and strawberries, red grapes. It is very important that the body in sufficient quantities receive vitamin B – cabbage, eggplant, melon, onion and garlic, sea buckthorn berries, all red ground berries, apricots and citrus fruits.