Are Humans Getting Smarter or Less Intelligent?

British scientists from King’s College conducted a series of studies, as a result of which they were able to find out that the human intellect is improving every 10 years. To obtain such results, specialists have processed data on the growth of the human mind in the past 64 years, more than 200,000 men and women living in Europe and the United States.

A group of scientists from the Royal College of Great Britain published the results of their many years of research, which were devoted to elucidating the development of the mental coefficient of all inhabitants of the Earth. Analyzing the relevant data, experts determined that after 10 years a new generation of people appears who have a higher level of IQ.

According to an employee of the University of Otago James Flynn, if the tests for intelligence become more complex each year, their results remain, almost unchanged. According to scientists, the factors that affect the intelligence of the world’s population are improving the quality of products and medical services, increasing the education and accessibility of IQ tests, reducing the size of families, since in this case, parents can pay more attention to one child.