Children with a higher IQ live longer, say scientists

Scientists have explained why with a high level of IQ live long. To such conclusions came the researchers from Edinburgh University.

According to scientists, high rates of intelligence of schoolchildren are due to a small risk of death from stroke, cardiovascular diseases and oncology, which can lead to smoking.

Analyzing the results of previous studies, scientists were able to explain this phenomenon. However, they only took the results of conscripts, which were monitored only until they reached middle age.

It is known that the relationship between intellect and longevity has been fully studied. Within the framework of the study, the data of 60,000 Scots born in 1936 were processed. But the questionnaires were studied only for those who at the age of 11 passed the test for the level of intelligence.

It turns out that among those who possessed a high level of intelligence, differed much less mortality before reaching the age of 79 years.

It is worth recalling that recently scientists from the United States and England found 40 genes responsible for the development of people’s intelligence. Scientists were able to find these genes after processing the data of 80 thousand people.