Common colds: Symptoms, causes, complications, and treatment

The causes of the common cold seem very simple, at first glance. Next sneezed a man, a colleague was unwell, so you start to think that this is the cause of the common cold. But this answer, lying on the surface, is hardly the only correct one, if at all it is true. Was it only you who were near him when he sneezed? Do you only have a co-worker at work and no one else? So you should think about why you were the only one who got sick? What is the cause of the common cold?

In fact, the cause of the common cold lies in our heads, in our desires. This statement may seem absurd, but it’s worth stopping and thinking about it better. You should remember your childhood, what does the child do? That’s right, he’s trying to get sick. More precisely, do not even get sick, but at least simulate the disease. After all, as soon as a child falls ill, he immediately receives increased attention, care, caress. And the children know that it is very, very profitable to be sick.

But people do not always realize what they want. When a person is sick, his body rests. After all, our body, our state is also a kind of child. Consciously, we do not want to get sick, we understand how many cases require urgent solution. But at the subconscious level, the body – the child screams that he lacks attention and care and as a consequence of the fact that a person does not pay any attention to these cries, not the slightest attention – a disease. In addition, a person’s body can solve such important problems as fear of exams or boredom of work. Only it decides this in its own way, this is for him reasons for the common cold.

After all, in such moments the body comes to the rescue as it can – falls ill. Human immunity works from the orders of the psyche. And when the order sounds – “I do not want to go to college, I need rest,” then he obeys and becomes weak, thus allowing the secret desire to be realized. There is also such a situation: an important event has already passed. But it was so important that the body worked on wear and tear. And as a consequence, it takes time for him to recover. And all people who live actively, this time, usually, no. Here are the causes of the cold, and even very good reasons.

Whatever the main causes of the common cold, do not scold yourself for it. The body is already stressed, he said that he, and therefore you, requires love, care and attention. To this was not only to pay more attention to those signals that the body constantly feeds.