Developed a substance that can lull cancer cells

Australian scientists managed to create a chemical substance that can “lull” cancer cells. According to experts, know-how can affect the compounds of protein KAT6A and KAT6B, which are important components of any malignant cell.

Studies carried out in laboratory conditions with animals demonstrated that the use of a substance “soporific” on an oncology increases the life expectancy of experimental animals 4-fold.

Professor Voss, who is the author of the study, notes that the use of this substance can fundamentally change the chemotherapy, since this development, in contrast to the usual methods, affects only cancer cells.

This chemical, prevents the launch of the process of dividing cancer cells. Thus, they exist, but do not divide or multiply. Consequently, it can be argued that cancer tumors “fall asleep”. Currently, based on this substance, medical preparations are being created, which in the near future will be tested in humans.