Ingredients of cosmetics

External appeal is important for every person, especially for the fair sex. Appearance for a modern woman is often the key to many opportunities. To maintain and preserve beauty and youth, the modern cosmetology industry offers a huge number of means and methods. The market of cosmetic preparations is huge. But quite often, even in spite of such a variety, it is difficult to choose the optimal means of care for the type of skin. The fact is that on the skin of each individual, various cosmetic drugs act differently. For this reason, you can not buy any cosmetic product you like. In addition, provided the long-term use of the same cosmetic preparation, the skin begins to get used. In other words, the tightening mask no longer tightens, and the nourishing cream does not feed. This circumstance necessitates the regular replacement of skin care products.

Many women prefer cosmetic ingredients of natural cosmetics. Such cosmetic ingredients are usually effective in caring for appearance and do not have side effects, such as allergies. Natural cosmetic ingredients determine the harmlessness of such cosmetics. However, there is such a cosmetics and its minuses, the most significant of which is a short shelf life.

Cosmetic Ingredients of Natural Cosmetics:

– extracts from aloe. Aloe – an ancient plant that has multifunctional medicinal properties. It is generally recognized that aloe is a great skin care provider. Most often, cosmetic ingredients such as the juice and leaves of the plant are used. Aloe is especially recommended in the care program for inflamed and sensitive skin, as plant extracts extinguish the inflammation and effectively moisturize the skin.

– root of the plant of marshmallows. Extracts of this root are often used as cosmetic ingredients. Althae eliminates redness of the skin and relieves irritation. In addition, the althea root is often used as an ingredient for moisturizing drugs. The complexion of the skin

– extract of orange. Orange is a universal remedy for the reason that practically all parts of the plant are used in cosmetology. Especially popular is the essential oil of sweet and bitter orange. The main value of orange extracts is determined by the high content of antioxidants in it.

– arnica. Arnica is a recognized anesthetic. Alcoholic tincture of arnica is sold in any pharmacy. At home, this tincture can be used for body wraps. It is especially useful to make Arnica tincture wrapping the lower extremities with varicose veins and leg fatigue, as extracts of arnica relieve swelling and tension from the veins.

– Extracts of birch. As cosmetic ingredients, bark and birch sap, shoots and leaves are used. Birch juice is very healthy, and it is better to use it in undiluted and unsweetened form. For age skin, masks using birch juice are very useful. Half a glass of natural birch juice is poured into an enameled container, add 20 ml. alcohol and shake to make the liquid homogeneous. Store in a tightly closed glass bottle. It is useful to lubricate the skin several times a week. To prepare the mask, it is necessary to take in equal parts the juice of birch, honey and sour cream, mix and apply to the cleansed face. Hold the mask for ten minutes, then rinse off with warm water.