Liposuction Risks and Safety

Plastic surgery is gaining more and more pace. Initially, liposuction was used to remove small defects in the human body. Now liposuction is used
everywhere, even when you can do without it. But not all patients know
about possible complications with liposuction. Sometimes even doctors keep silent about some things, after all it is a question of the big arrived.

Complications with liposuction are almost always, just at someone they are small, but for someone already serious. Basic complications with liposuction are: infection, blood clots, or
fat, changing the structure of the skin, more color. Very often in the subcutaneous layer begins to accumulate a fluid that can only be withdrawn surgically.

For some reason, the greatest concern of patients is getting scars after surgery, in fact, the scars will be visible only in the case incorrect postoperative care, or any complications that occur with liposuction.

Serious and terrible complications with liposuction happen extremely rare, but still happen. Possible damage to organs, stagnation fluid, pulmonary edema, an overdose of antibiotics and even death. Damage bodies are possible only with the hands of a surgeon, that is, if he unprofessionalism, or any other offensive body. This complication with Liposuction can only be removed surgically. If the volume of fat removed is large, the organs can themselves sweep down. It happens that small particles of fat penetrate into the lungs, in this case there is swelling. Terrible complications with liposuction are an overdose of lidocaine and accumulation in the tissues of the fluid that can cause a fatal outcome.

I would like to advise, if you decide on liposuction, not save on a qualified specialist. Spend more time on familiarization with all surgical market. Find a good specialist who will reduce all possible complications with liposuction to a minimum. The best thing, if you find a surgeon specializing precisely in that kind of operation, which you have chosen for yourself.

Complications of liposuction can manifest themselves in the form of increase, or vice versa, reducing the sensitivity of the skin on the site operation. Dangerous from the cosmetic point
the complication is a change in the structure of the cover. There may be mounds and
friability of the skin, which can also be removed only by repeated operation.

And, most importantly, after liposuction you can gain weight again! Yes, there will be no fat in the area where the procedure was performed, but he will start to accumulate on any other sites. That is why, after the operation patients should carefully monitor their diet.

The results and possible complications of liposuction are not influenced by only how well the procedure is performed, and how much fat was removed from the body, but also on how the patient behaves after the operation and carries out the recommendations of his surgeon. A fairly common complication with liposuction is the sagging of the skin. This can happen either because of inelasticity of tissue from nature, or because of too much fat removal
and, as a result, too much excess skin. Risks and complications with liposuction are, like
at any other operation. The main thing is to reduce them to a minimum and reasonably and
to approach this question in a balanced way.