Stress and Heart Disease

A team of scientists from the University of Orebro in Sweden found that young people, often exposed to stress, are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease in later life. At the same time, researchers note that even physical activity can not help reduce this risk.

Previously, the results of studies have shown that the impact of psychosocial stress is a risk factor for the onset of coronary heart disease and other health problems. As part of the new study, it was found that low resistance to stress in adolescence is due to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease in the future, even after a large number of risk factors for these ailments, for example, physical activity, have been adjusted.

Therefore, experts point out that even an excellent physical form can not guarantee protection against diseases of the cardiovascular system among those who are not able to cope with stress. Low resistance to stress not only increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in middle age, but can also reduce the benefits of physical activity.