When Can You Have Sex After Birth?

Sex after the birth of a child in many cases significantly differs from the intimate life to pregnancy and childbirth. In this problem, it is necessary to take into account the two sides – physical and psychological. Firstly, a young mother should recover from pregnancy and childbirth, since you are a woman this time exposed to enormous physical and emotional stress. On the specifics of sex after the birth of a child affects a variety of factors – the course of pregnancy, the characteristics of childbirth, the nature of the woman.

If the birth was normal – there was no surgical intervention, no postpartum complications – then the recovery of the female body takes an average of a month to two months. During this time, the uterus is reduced, and all tissues are restored.

Sex after the birth of a child – why not earlier

Sex after the birth of a child is allowed by the doctors only after the expiration of this time, which can be explained by two reasons. Firstly, the genital tract is highly susceptible to infection, which can spread to both the vagina and the uterus. With the penetration of infection into the uterus, there is a disease of endometritis – one of the most severe postpartum complications. Secondly, with sexual intercourse there is a possibility of bleeding. Therefore, gynecologists advise to refrain from intimacy at least for a month and a half after giving birth. If the birth was severe or with the use of surgical intervention, then it is necessary to wait a longer time until the full recovery and healing of the birth canal. To determine the period of readiness for sexual life, a woman needs to see a gynecologist, who will also help in choosing contraceptives.

Sex after the birth of a child – what is changing

The newly mums and dads, among other things, are wondering what will change in the sexual life after childbirth. It is clear that much will change. According to statistics, half of the women who gave birth within the first three months after giving birth can not get an orgasm. Approximately twenty percent of them even experience soreness in sexual intercourse. Painful sensations during sex after the birth of a child are associated with such causes as the presence of ruptures or incisions during labor. The fact is that surgical sutures could touch the nerve endings, so even in the most comfortable and painless poses, sensations can be painful. In most cases this discomfort goes away with time, because the nerve endings adapt to the new conditions. After suturing, the configuration of the vagina changes, and the mucous membrane and skin become more sensitive. In response to the pressure and friction that occurs during sexual contact, pain may appear.

The anatomical correlation of the sexual organs of the partners after the birth of a child by a woman also changes. The fact that the postpartum vagina for some time is preserved, and its walls weaken. This state passes with the passage of time in the absolute majority of women. The width of the vagina is reduced quickly enough, so in this respect, sex after the birth of the child will remain the same as before delivery.

It should be noted that such a problem is absent in those women who had a cesarean section, which excludes the passage of the child through the birth canal of the mother’s body. That is, the genitals are not involved in the generic activity. However, women who have undergone cesarean care are shown to start to have sex after childbirth later than to those who gave birth naturally, since the stitches remain after the operation. Hormonal reorganization of the female body after the birth of a child can lead to discomfort during sex due to a lack of lubrication. This problem can easily be solved by using special lubricants.